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Community Doula Training & Certification Initiative

The Coco Collective is a group of birth workers, childbirth educators and professionals in public health and more who have teamed up to provide dedicated, culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed, and resilience-oriented training. In addition we seek to help current and aspiring doulas through mentorship support, business development, community building and more to help educate, engage and empower. Our goal is to prepare doulas to provide compassionate care, understanding and addressing the intricate needs of Black & Indigenous People Of Color (BIPOC) through their journey from preconception to postpartum.


Our efforts to enlarge the perinatal workforce by adding more community doulas will also help undoubtedly support the improvement of maternal outcomes, especially for BIPOC mamas (birthing people) and those navigating different vulnerabilities i.e. Substance Use Disorder (SUD), incarceration, housing-insecurity; or living maternity deserts. 

Click the link to learn more about the program.


"We are promoting a Community-empowered & Resilience-oriented model of care"

Disclaimer/note: we are/doulas are not medical/clinical professionals. We are non-medical professionals who provide emotional support for persons navigating various maternal stages i.e. pregnancy, intrapartum, postpartum, etc. This collective is exclusive and participating in any training programs does not denote affiliation with this collective. Please contact us with any questions at


"I am literally blown away! The thoughtfulness of this box is amazing! This is so heartfelt! This is what ministry is about; knowing when each other needs something."

Troy & Karlene - NY

Mother & Father of 3 (2 Angel Babies & 1 Rainbow Baby)

"Thank you for the invite! I enjoyed my time with you guys. Awesome energy, many blessings on continuing the vision. It will come just keep being authentic and servicing those we both know need your platform!"

Korto Momlu - AR

Project Runway & International 

Fashion Designer.

Wife & Mother of 2

"I love it! It builds a real & supportive community for new moms like myself!"

Angela - CA

Wife & New Mom

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