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Created to serve

Here at we understand our calling is to serve our community locally, nationally and globally. We recognize the best way to serve is to make a direct impact by supplying the known and unrealized needs of those we are around every day. As we serve, we want to influence others to replicate or discover ways they can support the Black & Brown moms in their immediate space. 


We are inspiring communities all over the globe to discover the Black Maternal Health Advocate in themselves, then elevating the movement in the spaces they occupy. We are building a robust network of birth workers, community advocates, youth, corporations, schools, faith-based organizations, fathers and more to intentionally support the critical and unique needs of

Black Moms.


We accomplish this massive task of national influence by doing work right within our local communities.

We've supplied:

Doula services

Mental health services,

Personal hygiene care kits


Healthy food

Birth worker support

Meal prep

Financial Literacy

Maternal Health Education


Diapers, wipes, formula, baby clothes

Maternity clothes



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