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MOM, Maternal Outcomes Matter

At, we are driven by a powerful and urgent mission – to address the alarming disparities in maternal health outcomes affecting Black women in the United States. We focus on MOM: Maternal Outcomes Matter, a movement designed to revolutionize maternal care and support, ensuring every Black mother receives the comprehensive care and resources she deserves.

The Disparities We Address:

The statistics are stark and undeniable. Black women in the United States are 3-5 times more likely to face pregnancy-related complications leading to mortality. Black infants, too, are at a higher risk of premature birth or mortality. These disparities are unacceptable, and is committed to combating them head-on.

Our Mission: Improving Black Maternal Health:

At the core of our mission is a dedication to improving outcomes in Black maternal health. We believe that every mother deserves access to quality care, irrespective of their racial background. The MOM movement is our response to the pressing need for change, striving to create a future where maternal health disparities are a thing of the past.

The MOMbassador Movement:

Central to our approach is the MOMbassador movement. We are building an ecosystem that surrounds Black mothers with essential resources at every stage of their motherhood journey. MOMbassadors are individuals dedicated to making a difference, creating a network of support that includes Doulas, mental health professionals, and other critical resources.

Comprehensive Care at Every Stage: is committed to providing comprehensive care that ensures mothers not only survive but thrive during each stage of their motherhood journey. We understand that the challenges faced by Black mothers are unique, and our approach is tailored to address these specific needs.

Compassionate Care for Loss and Grief:

We acknowledge the pain of those mothers who have experienced the loss of a child or a significant loved one. Our commitment to compassionate care extends to these mothers, providing a support system that understands the depth of their grief and offers a helping hand on their journey toward healing.

Building a Supportive Ecosystem:

Our vision goes beyond conventional healthcare. We are actively building an ecosystem that fosters support, understanding, and empowerment for Black mothers. By connecting them with Doulas, mental health professionals, and other essential resources, we aim to bridge the gaps in care that have contributed to the alarming disparities in maternal health.

Join Us in the Movement: invites you to join the MOM movement. Whether you are a mother seeking support, a professional wanting to make a difference, or an advocate for maternal health equity, your involvement is crucial. Together, we can rewrite the narrative of Black maternal health and create a future where every mother and child thrives. Maternal Outcomes Matter – join us in making a lasting impact.

Learn more about the services we offer and how to join the movement here.

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