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Doula and mental health service recipient

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M.O.M Benefit Mixer

Join us for the M.O.M Benefit Mixer cocktail party fundraiser!

Each year approximately 700 women die in the U.S. due to pregnancy or pregnancy-related complications. It is because of this incomprehensible statistic that we launched the M.O.M Movement. Maternal Outcomes Matter, and it takes all of us as Mombassadors to help improve. Together, we bring awareness and education through our programming, services, and events while celebrating progress.

Funds raised go toward programming and services for Coco Moms (and families). These services include parenting, birth, and postpartum education workshops. Access to our community baby showers and Bump Boutique (infant care items and new and gently used clothes for mom and baby). Doula services, mental health sessions, and compassion support for moms who have experienced the loss of a child or significant loved one. Funding also allows us to provide financial aid to aspiring birth workers wanting to become doulas, lactation consultants, and mental health professionals.

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Black women are about 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than their non-black counterparts. Our mission is to celebrate motherhood and influence favorable outcomes in Black Maternal Health by promoting a community-empowered model of care through our Mombassadors. We provide gifts, edutainment programming, events and simplify access to necessary and trusted resources like birth workers, mental health professionals, business strategists, and more. We are creating an ecosystem for moms in three key maternal stages, pregnancy, postpartum, and compassion (loss of a child or significant loved one) and the communities who love them.


Philadelphia, the poorest of the nation’s ten largest cities, has a marked disparity in Severe Maternal Morbidity (SMM) and maternal mortality. A recent report from the Philadelphia Maternal Mortality Review Committee identified 90% of mortalities were among BIPOC patients. Of those mortalities, 80% had identified social and structural barriers impacting prenatal and postpartum care. Our Mombassador Movement, which has facilitated building positive relationships across the community and health care providers, helps improve these outcomes.

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